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Meet Our Team

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Owner/ Licensed Clinical Social Worker


I believe that therapy should be a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space, that offers the opportunity to process and make sense of emotions and experiences.

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Licensed Social Worker

I want to see the world as you see it, witness what you have done to survive, and help you remove the obstacles blocking your path toward growth and freedom. Who you are and how you behave are shaped by your experiences, thoughts, and beliefs.


Clinical Psychologist

I believe that regardless of the reason for seeking therapy, there is always a place for you in my office. Therapy works best with people who are motivated to achieve a change, as do I.


Clinical Psychologist

I believe in the importance of humor and building a strong relationship of trust and collaboration. I enjoy helping individuals identify their own strengths and act as an agent of their own change. I integrate a number of therapeutic interventions with an overall focus on client-centered and child-centered therapy.


Licensed Professional Counselor

I believe that creative expression has the ability to reach the deepest part of us, where words may not exist. It can be difficult for clients to talk about the issues that bother them, but I find that making art can open up those conversations easily. I embrace having empathy and understanding for my client's stories in order to accentuate their own strengths and values


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Post Doctoral Fellow

I view my role as a therapist as a source of support for my clients as they navigate their unique life journeys and needs. My approach to therapy focuses on establishing a relationship built on trust and safety to support my clients and their families.

Clinical Psychologist

I believe that even the littlest of moments can be deeply meaningful, that mistakes are sometimes the best way to learn, and that we have the power to create our own destinies. It is my belief that change happens at the level of movement, making therapy an active, conscious process. As a therapist, I view my role as that of a co-pilot. Together, we will navigate your therapeutic journey in a way that is empowering and right for you.

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